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Pollen Asian Ahi Tuna

Ahi tuna is such a tasty treat. It picks up all the exterior flavors and mingles them in such a delightful way that your taste buds are about to burst with joy. When you take that into consideration it seems almost unbelievable that it could or would get any better. Pollen Ranch has taken the basic Ahi Tuna recipe and touched it up with one of our Pollen Asian spice blend. This unique blend of herbs and spices provides an entirely new delectable aroma and flavor to your palate as you dip your fork into the tender ahi meat. We hope you enjoy this with your family or friends as much as we have.

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Barbecued Jumbo Shrimp with Japanese Eggplant and Avocado Mango Relish

When I go out to eat at a seafood restaurant, shrimp is usually the one thing I absolutely must have. After trying this barbecue jumbo shrimp with Japanese eggplant and avocado mango relish there is no turning backFennel pollen adds a new highlight to shrimp. Mix the natural saltiness of shrimp with the sweet honey and anise like fennel pollen to create a new burst of flavors. Waken your palate up with something wonderful and unique.

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