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You will become addicted to vegetables once you taste the favor of Zen. As you open this blend, you immediately notice a warm and nutty aroma from the toasted sesame seeds and curry. This enticing blend makes your veggies delicious and it’s a great seasoning when you want to add zip to salad dressing. A touch of spice from the hint of cayenne that balances this lively spice blend and you’ll notice notes of citrus and ginger when you sprinkle it on your side dishes. Sprinkle this on everything from eggs to rice to veggies and salads then say good bye to bland and boring side dishes forever!

Ingredients:  Fennel Pollen, Sumac, Sesame Seeds, Orange Peel, Ginger, Fleur de Sel, Curry, Savory, Cayenne.

Available in 1oz Tin, 4oz & 8oz Pouches

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