Shipments within the USA:

  • All orders within the United States of America are shipped via USPS and usually will arrive within 2-3 days(this is not a guarantee).

    • In some and very few cases we are forced to ship via UPS or FedX. You will not be charged any additional fees for these circumstances.

  • If you wish to have your order shipped by a specific shipper. You will be required to provide all the necessary information and pay any differences there may be that are above our standard rate.

  • Free Shipping only covers USPS Shipping within the United States of America and Domestic Territories. If you request another shipping method other than our standard USPS Priority Mail you will be asked to pay the difference. If you do not wish to pay the difference, then our standard rate or the "Free Shipping" will still be honored.

International Shipments:

  • Free Shipping is not available for international shipments.

    • This is subject to change during special promotions.

  • Pollen Ranch ships around the globe via United States Postal Service (USPS).

  • USPS is our preferred international shipper as it is a lower cost and less taxes.

  • When purchasing you, the buyer, accept responsibility for any additional taxes in your country such as VAT tax, etc..

  • If you encounter any problems trying to place your order on our site due to your address. Call us toll free 1-800-821-5989 and we will gladly handle your order over the phone and do our best to get it out that very same day.

  • International shipments can take from six to ten days (6 - 10 days) depending on your postal carrier and your countries customs. Please, we ask that you don't get upset at us about the times as we have no control of the carrier or customs.

In Addition:

  • Pollen Ranch is not responsible for the package once it has arrived at the postal destination.

  • If the package is damaged we recommend that you immediately file a claim with the carrier before you contact us. You will be given a claim number that will help us help you keep track of the issue.

    • This is the best course to take to protect you and us from any additional fees.

  • It is good to contact your local post office if you have not received your package within the described times above. In some instances the post office will have a notice that you have a package to pick up. In situations where the package has not been picked up then USPS will return to us and we will then try to contact you via the contact information on your order and confirm the destination. We will reship once free of charge.

  • Pollen Ranch takes no responsibility for the address of the recipient being correct. Please make sure you have entered the correct information for your Billing & Shipping. If you have any issues you can call us toll free (800) 821-5989 and we will help however possible.


  • We do allow returns!

    • If the item has been damaged.

    • If the package has been opened during shipping.

    • If the item(s) ordered and item(s) received do not match.

  • If you received an item that has been opened or damaged contact us immediately to make sure we can get the problem taken care of expediently. Please include pictures if possible of the damaged item(s)

  • If you received the wrong item(s) - Contact us by email ( or by phone (800-821-5989) and we will do our very best to make sure you get the correct item(s).

  • We do not accept returns after 45 days of shipment!

  • If you have questions about returning an item(s) please click here to contact us. You can also call us toll free 800-821-5989.


  • Pollen Ranch is closed on all State (California) and National Holidays (United States of America). All orders placed during these holidays will be shipped out on the day of return.

*United States - Puerto Rico - Virgin Islands