How did Pollen Ranch Fennel Pollen start?

David Rebb Firman, an avid reader, came across a San Francisco Chronicle food article by Peggy Knickerbocker, describing fennel pollen as "the spice that angels sprinkle on their wings." Back then, in 1999, fennel pollen was almost exclusively used by the Italians.

Rebb was already in the agriculture side of pollen collection -- helping crops become more fruitful by adding pollen - a skill learned from his grandmother, Mina Firman.  He collects pollen of almonds, avocados, cherry, kiwi, pistachio and plum to name a few, and has developed ways of spreading it in orchards.

Rebb knew exactly where to find beautiful fennel growing wild, how to collect it, store it, clean it and extract its essence.  So he began to do just that.

Of course,  everyone thought he was crazy, and this was another one of his many ideas. (He is also a published songwriter and never lacking in ideas at least). A dear friend once told me all entrepreneurs are delusional, and history agrees.

Starting with little more than a quality product, foodies soon found and raved about fennel pollen in articles, creating new recipes for this unique spice. Chefs and gourmets in the Bay area delighted in the flavor, aroma and characteristics of pure organic certified, wild fennel pollen. Business quickly expanded from Northern California to the West Coast, to key wholesalers and distributors and thanks to the Internet and international travel, throughout the world. Pollen Ranch is now the largest producer of certified organic, wild, pure fennel pollen and the worlds first supplier of dill pollen.

In response to requests for quick and easy fennel pollen uses, Chef Bernard, renown in the San Diego area and beyond, created blends for beef, poultry, vegetables, seafood, desserts, stir-fry, and spicy dishes. Each blend combines the highest quality ingredients from all over the world (some only available to chefs), so you can cook like a star! The fennel pollen spice blends is the secret ingredient to spectacular cooking.

Of course, we are continually seeking out new ways to enjoy fennel pollen and dill pollen. We now offer, in addition to our organic fennel pollen, fennel pollen and dill pollen salt blends at the local farmer’s markets, and they will soon be added to our retail store.

What makes Pollen Ranch Fennel Pollen different from others?

Since we were the first to collect fennel pollen and dill pollen in the United States, we have the expertise, resources and equipment to gather, sift and store fennel pollen and dill pollen properly. Our fennel pollen and dill pollen is always fresh, pure, and of the highest quality. It is literally picked at the height of its bloom. And since we believe more expensive is not necessarily better, our pricing is reasonable as well.

As to our dill pollen, it makes dill weed taste “like grass", dill seed grainy and dill powder is a powdery substitute.  Use it in place of dill weed, dill seed or powder in any recipe, especially one with salmon or potatoes.

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