When you make the decision to lead a healthier life, you may feel as though you are condemned to a life of bland foods with nothing in the way of flavor. This misconception is thanks to a range of myths that go around about eating healthy. In reality, you'll likely have a more fun culinary experience when experimenting with things like herbs and spices. Read on to see the truth about healthy eating myths!

You can eat whatever you want if it's healthy.
There are still portion sizes and such to take into account! While it is true that you can eat more of healthy foods and keep the same amount of calories, that doesn't mean that you can just eat whatever. Keeping calories and portions in check will keep you healthy and fit, so don't ignore that because you're cooking with healthier ingredients!

Eating healthy has no flavor. It tastes awful and bland.
Fennel pollen is an incredibly potent form of fennel, and has a huge amount of exotic, incredible flavor. In fact, cooking with herbs and spices can open up a whole new world of culinary experience for you, and you'll keep things healthy. Dried herbs can infuse an entire dish when added during cooking, and since they originate from flowers, fruits, seeds, barks, leaves, and roots, they're healthy! Experimenting with different combinations of flavor will not leave you bored with the possibilities of eating healthy.

As long as the label says it's natural, it's fine.
The word you are looking for in this case is "organic," not simply natural. The word natural is not regulated in the United States, which means that anyone can slap that label on something if it just has one or two natural ingredients in it. These items are often still heavily processed and unnatural, with hidden additives. However, buying organic means that it isn't processed, and hasn't been genetically modified or been in contact with pesticides. This claim is heavily regulated, so you can actually trust the label.

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