If you want to cook healthy, delicious recipes, there are plenty of reasons to buy spices to create these results. Not only are all spices natural ingredients, derived from seeds, barks, leaves, roots and more, but many also have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Certain herbs have even been linked to anti-spasmodic, carminative, analgesic, digestive and lipolytic benefits, making them a great choice for you and your loved ones. However, the best thing about spices is definitely their flavors, which can help you turn even the blandest dish into something extraordinary. But if you try to buy spices online, you will likely come across a number of ingredients you have never heard of, ranging from fennel seeds to dill pollen. While you might not be used to these herbs, you should consider taking a chance: after all, you won't discover your new favorite spice unless you take a chance. This is especially true for kaffir lime leaves, also called makrut lime leaves. Read on to learn why you should buy kaffir lime leaves to use in your kitchen.

What Are Kaffir Lime Leaves?

This ingredient is a thick, shiny, dark green leaf, which is used throughout Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia. The fresh leaves are known for their distinctive aroma, but many people also choose to buy kaffir lime leaves that have been dried. Whatever form they are used in, however, the taste of these leaves is so unique that chefs usually advise home cooks not to use a substitute ingredient if they run out: the flavor is essentially irreplaceable.

How to Use Kaffir Lime Leaves

Thai food lovers will likely be familiar with one of the most common uses of the kaffir lime leaf: the ingredient is usually served whole in curries and soups, allowing the flavor to infuse with the dish. In this case, the leaf is not eaten, but it is an easy method for any cook looking to add a distinctive taste to their stews and soups. If you like the taste of Thai fish cakes, called Tod Mun, or Panang curry, however, try slicing the leaves into thin pieces. Because the leaves are very tough, this can be achieved by rolling the leaves before carefully chopping them with a sharp knife. In this use, the leaves can be eaten as part of the dish.

If you are looking for tasty, healthy ways to make a change in your kitchen, trying out new herbs and spices is a great way to start, especially when it comes to products like kaffir lime leaves. Buy kaffir lime leaves at a local spice retailer or online store today to see how this spice can help you create delicious dishes!

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