What Mom REALLY Wants for Mother's Day

Do you know what it is?  Bet not.

So you think you've got it all figured out for Mother's Day this year?  You know EXACTLY what Mom really wants.  Let's see: A new handbag? Pair of shoes?  Brunch at her favorite (overcrowded) restaurant?  A night at the opera? Ok, maybe that's going too far.

 In any case, you're wrong. That's NOT what Mom really wants.

What your Mom really wants -- what all moms basically want -- is for their kids to be OK.

And just what does that mean?  It means that you have to grow up, straighten up, stop acting-up so she can STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOU.  Well, Mom will ALWAYS worry about you, but you get the picture.

So, if that's asking a bit too much for starters, here's something a little easier--how about cooking for Mom on Mother's Day--and CLEANING UP THE KITCHEN afterward (entirely--don't leave the dishes in the sink).  To that end, we can help.  Here are some great recipes, some easy, some a bit more impressive, for giving Mom a great Mother's Day straight from your heart.

Mom's Breakfast:

Lavender Lemon Curd Crepes

So easy to make--these delicious Lavender Lemon Curd Crepes will wake Mom up with a smile.  You'll need our Pollen Ranch Lavender Fennel Sea Salt to replace the lavender & salt in the recipe.  The play of citrus and lavender is cheerful and memorable.  If you don't want to make the lemon curd from scratch, you can purchase it from the store, then add the lavender sea salt, per the recipe above, making them even easier.

Now, if even the Lavender Lemon Curd Crepes  are too much to handle, or if you want something for the little ones to do, here's something REALLY easy--just take our Pollen Ranch Lavender Fennel Sea Salt, mix with honey to taste, and mix into softened butter.  Voila!  Lavender Honey Butter!  Just spread on Mom's favorite toast and you've got a special, easy breakfast for Mom, easy enough for the kids to make.

Next - Lunch for Mom:

Start with these easy Herb and Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms as an appetizer. She'll be so impressed!  Again, you'll need our specialty Lavender Fennel Sea Salt to replace the plain salt & lavender buds in the recipe.  This recipe is basically so easy--you just smoosh the stuffing ingredients together and smash them into the mushrooms then bake. What could be easier?

Next? Some terrific Creamy Pea and Asparagus Soup, made with our fabulous Pollen Ranch Herbes de Provence seasoning instead of plain old HDP from the supermarket.

Mom will LOVE this creamy asparagus soup!

It's guaranteed if you make this Creamy Asparagus Pea Soup, she'll think you're a genuis!  Of course, she probably already does think that.

Finally - let's fix dinner for Mom!

Tomato and Dill Salad

What's Mom always saying-- "Eat your vegetables?"  So, you've got to serve some! These refreshing, fresh tomatoes take just 10 minutes.  You'll need some mayo and our heavenly Pollen Ranch Dill Pollen instead of the plain old dill mentioned in the Tomato and Dill Salad recipel

And now . .  the Main Course!

Pan Roasted Chicken with Herbes de Provence

Pan Roasted Chicken with Herbes de Provence

Mom's dinner will be a feast for her to remember--and so easy for you!  This quick Pan Roasted Chicken with Herbes de Provence is delicious, and cooks up in less than half an hour! Woohoo--everybody wins.  Be sure to use our special Pollen Ranch Herbes de Provence in this recipe; it makes all the difference in the world!

Whatever you decide to do for Mom this Mother's Day, remember this:  all she really wants is your happiness . . . and a clean kitchen!

Oh, and one last itty-bitty thing.  If you were going to buy roses and FORGOT -- it's not too late to give her a great gift. Just skip over to our Gift Certifcate page and get Mom a Pollen Ranch Gift Certificate!