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Big Devil - Guacomole

A few weeks ago I found at my doorstep a care package from Pollen Ranch Spices. I've been playing around with some of their spice mixes but one particular blend caught my taste-buds. Pollen Ranch uses in their spice blends, fennel pollen.

Intrigued with these descriptions I started off with a pinch over a few items to get a taste for what was in store. The fennel pollen is sweet with a heady aroma that is stronger and yet more delicate than fennel seed.

"The Big Devil" spice mix is something that I started playing with because I love spicy foods. What astounding dish did I make? Guacamole of course. I thought that the clean taste of fresh ingredients, along with the sweet spicy "Big Devil" would be an awesome mix. Turns out I was right.

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